The story of Impactful Men!

We are part of the Impactful Women NW who had their first event on February 24th 2014. The style of social networking that Impactful Women NW presented to the community wasn’t happening anywhere else.  People loved it! No memberships. No fees for entrance. Fun raffle prizes. It was a huge success! Fast forward three years and several events,  and a whole lot of community support later – and Impactful MEN is now here with our very first event happening on February 22, 2017!
Impactful Women NW holds two co-ed networking/social hour events per year.  One in April and one in December.  The feedback from men who attended was fantastic! As Impactful Women NW continued to grow in attendance, men in the community frequently commented how they wished there was something similar for men. 
Seeing the need and desire in our community and knowing there are a whole ton of men who are, in fact, impactful – it seemed a no brainer to add a component just for men. 
We want to see the same success for our impactful men in the community! We’re always looking for raffle donations and hosts. Message us to get involved and be sure to follow/like/subscribe to all things Impactful MEN on our Facebook page.